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Addax Adult F icon.pngDLC
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Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Bovidae
Genus: Addax
Species: Addax nasomaculatus
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North Africa
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Critically Endangered

The Addax (id: Addax) is an adoptable animal available as a bonus download for Zoo Tycoon 2 for the Desert biome.

Biome Compatibility

Icon alpine.png
Boreal Forest
Icon borealforest.png
Icon desert.png
10 (Primary)
Icon grassland.png
Icon savannah.png
Icon scrub.png
Temperate Forest
Icon temperateforest.png
Tropical Rainforest
Icon tropicalrainforest.png
Icon tundra.png
Icon wetlands.png

For any biome not listed, the animal has no assigned compatibility and will be compatible by default.


  • Fame Requirement: 2 star
  • Price: $5,500
  • Space Requirement: 280 initial + 40 each additional
  • Base Donation: $60
  • Max Tour Value: 40
  • Elite: True
  • Small Animal: True
  • Diet: Graminivore, Granivore
  • Zookeeper-Provided Drink: Grass
  • Zookeeper-Provided Food: Grass
  • Browser: True
  • Grazer: True
  • Salt Lick User: True
  • Privacy Adjustment: 0.25
  • Thirst Adjustment: 0.05

Adult Attributes

  • View Bonus: 95
  • Medium Prey: True

Young Attributes

  • View Bonus: 145
  • Small Prey: True
  • Health Adjustment: 0.25
  • Stimulation Adjustment: 0.33
  • Exercise Adjustment: 0.33
  • Reproduction Adjustment: 0

Models and Skins

  • Life Stages: 2 (Young, Adult)
  • Sexual Dimorphism: Yes (in Adult)
  • Variants: One
  • Addax_Adult_F.nif:,,,,,,,
  • Addax_Adult_M.nif:,,,,,,,
  • Addax_Young_F.nif:,,,,,,,

Animal Food

Grass Hay Pellets
Food Dish with Grass Grass Substrate Pile with Grass Food Dish with Hay Hay Substrate Pile with Hay PelletsDLC

Animal Enrichment

Salt LickAfrica icon.png Tar PitExtinct icon.png

Animal Shelters

Large Stable Paradise Shade StructureIsland icon.png Persian Rug ShadeArabian icon.png Shade Structure Small Stable

Zoopedia Entry

The addax is a desert antelope that originally ranged from the western Sahara and Mauritania to Egypt and the Sudan. It now inhabits the southwestern part of the Sahara and is found in lesser numbers across the Red Sea into the Near East. Excessive hunting, severe droughts, and tourist harassment has caused such a dramatic decline in the addax population that it is now endangered. Only one viable population, containing less than 200 animals, still exists in the wild.
A strictly herbivorous, cud-chewing mammal, the addax ranges from 95 to 115 cm (37 to 45 in) high at the shoulder and is yellowish-white in color, with a brown mane and a black patch at the forehead. Both sexes have graceful, ringed horns, wound in an open spiral as long as 89 cm (35 in). Well adapted to the desert, the addax has large hooves for running over sand. By eating succulent leaves and wild watermelons it can live most of its life without drinking water. The addax seeks shelter from the midday sun, sometimes in caves.

Fun Facts

  • One of the keys to the survival of the addax in the vast Sahara is its ability to sense at long distances patches of desert vegetation that suddenly sprout after a downpour.
  • The addax is the Sahara Desert's largest indigenous animal.
  • The addax seldom drinks, instead obtaining all the moisture it needs from the food it eats.
  • The addax often creates a shelter by digging impressions in the sand partly under boulders, which provide protection from the sun and the desert wind.
  • The coat of the addax changes from white in summer to grayish-brown in winter.
  • With its ungainly form, the addax is not a fast runner and often falls victim to carnivorous predators.