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Asiatic Black Bear
BearBlackAsiatic Adult F icon.pngDLC
BearBlackAsiatic Adult F icon updated.pngDLC
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Ursidae
Genus: Ursus
Species: Ursus thibetanus
Temperate Forest
Icon temperateforest.png
Temperateforest Asia.png

The Asiatic Black Bear (id: BearBlackAsiatic) is an adoptable animal formerly available as a bonus download for Zoo Tycoon 2 for the Temperate Forest biome. The bear was granted as a reward for completion of the photo challenges in Zoo Tycoon 2: Mobile which provided a code to access the download. However, the bonus download was never otherwise noted on the Zoo Tycoon website and was never officially updated for later expansions nor included in any compilations. Jntg4 initially brought access to the bear back to the Zoo Tycoon community, while Horse14t remastered it to make it more fully compatible with the updated versions of the game. Horse14t's updated version, the most widely used, is used here (for food and shelter) while the original may be noted in places where applicable.

Biome Compatibility

Icon alpine.png
2o, 0u
Boreal Forest
Icon borealforest.png
2o, 8u
Icon desert.png
-5o, -10u
Icon grassland.png
Icon savannah.png
-5o, -10u
Icon scrub.png
-5o, -10u
Temperate Forest
Icon temperateforest.png
10 (Primary)
Tropical Rainforest
Icon tropicalrainforest.png
0o, 10u
Icon tundra.png
Icon wetlands.png
-5o, -10u

For any biome not listed, the animal has no assigned compatibility and will be compatible by default.


  • Fame Requirement: 3 1/2 star (2 star in updated to match lang)
  • Price: $15,000o, $5,500u
  • Space Requirement: 320 initial + 80 each additional
  • Base Donation: $60 ($100 in updated)
  • Max Tour Value: 70 (updated)
  • Advanced: True
  • Large Animal: True
  • Diet: Carnivore, Insectivore, Piscivore
  • Zookeeper-Provided Drink: Food Dish with Water
  • Zookeeper-Provided Food: Meat
  • Berries Eater: True (updated)
  • Honey Eater: True
  • Food Dish Eater: True
  • Metal Trough Eater: True
  • Trough Eater: True
  • Sniffs Carcass: True (updated)
  • Sniffs Food Dish: True (updated)
  • Sniffs Metal Troughs: True (updated)
  • Sniffs Troughs: True (updated)
  • Ball User: True (updated)
  • Beef Shank Eater: True (updated)
  • Bone User: True (updated)
  • Car Tire User: True (updated)
  • Feeder Ball User: True (updated)
  • Heated Rock User: True (updated)
  • Ice Block User: True (updated)
  • Picks up Beef Shank: True (updated)
  • Picks up Ball: True (updated)
  • Picks up Bone: True (updated)
  • Plastic Barrel User: True (updated)
  • Pole Rope Ice Block User: True (updated)
  • Pursuit Ball User: True (updated)
  • Rattle Ball User: True (updated)
  • Rubber Toy User: True (updated)
  • Cubbing Den User: True (updated)
  • Large Concrete Shelter User: True (updated)
  • Large Rock Cave User: True (updated)
  • Large Snow Cave User: True (updated)
  • Raised Sleeping Platform User: True (updated)
  • Small Concrete Shelter User: True (updated)
  • Small Rock Cave User: True (updated)
  • Small Snow Cave User: True (updated)
  • Small Wooden Shelter User: True (updated)
  • Climbs Acacia Caffra Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Baobab Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Birch Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Elephant Ear Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Foxtail Palm Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Kapok Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Kily Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Maple Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Orchid Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Tree Fern: True (updated)
  • Climbs Trembling Aspen Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Umbrella Acacia Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Weeping Myall Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Yellow Fever Acacia Tree: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Alpine Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Boreal Forest Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Desert Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Grassland Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Savannah Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Scrub Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Temperate Forest Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Tropical Rainforest Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Tundra Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Large Wetlands Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Medium Alpine Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Medium Boreal Forest Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Medium Desert Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Medium Grassland Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Medium Savannah Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Medium Scrub Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Medium Temperate Forest Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Climbs Medium Tundra Rock Large: True (updated)
  • Privacy Adjustment: 0.1
  • Water Placeable: True
  • Temperate Forest Animal: True (updated)
  • Alpine Odd: True (updated)
  • Boreal Forest Odd: True (updated)
  • Desert Odd: True (updated)
  • Grassland Odd: True (updated)
  • Savannah Odd: True (updated)
  • Scrub Odd: True (updated)
  • Tropical Rainforest Odd: True (updated)
  • Tundra Odd: True (updated)
  • Wetlands Odd: True (updated)

Adult Attributes

  • View Bonus: 50
  • Predator: True (original)
  • Large Predator: True (updated)
  • Extra Large Prey: True (updated)
  • Territorial: True (updated)

Young Attributes

  • View Bonus: 55
  • Medium Prey: True (updated)
  • Exercise Adjustment: 0.33
  • Health Adjustment: 0.25
  • Reproduction Adjustment: 0
  • Stimulation Adjustment: 0.33

Models and Skins

  • Life Stages: 2 (Young, Adult)
  • Sexual Dimorphism: No
  • BearBlackAsiatic_Adult_F.nif:,,, (original)
  • BearBlackAsiatic_Adult_F.nif:,,, (updated)

Animal Food

Berries Dinosaur Meat Fish Honey Insects Locusts Meat Salmon Water Worms
BerriesLeaf icon.png Food Dish with BerriesLeaf icon.png Hollow Log with BerriesLeaf icon.png Dinosaur MeatExtinct icon.png Artificial Carcass Container with Fish Fish Food Dish with Fish Metal Food Trough with Fish Hollow Log with Honey Hollow Log with Insects InsectsAfrica icon.png Food Dish with LocustsArabian icon.png Artificial Carcass Container with Meat Food Dish with Meat Meat Metal Food Trough with Meat SalmonDLC Food Dish with Water Food Trough with Water Metal Food Trough with Water Food Dish with WormsIsland icon.png Hollow Log with WormsIsland icon.png

Animal Enrichment

Arctic Cod Ball with Rattle Beef Shank Block of Ice with Beef Shank Bone Car Tire Coho SalmonDLC Feeder BallLeaf icon.png Heated Rock HilsaArabian icon.png Holiday Present (Beef)DLC Icy KegForgottenanimals icon.png KutumArabian icon.png Live Arabian Jird PreyArabian icon.png Live Food, LizardAfrica icon.png Misty SpringExtinct icon.png Plastic Barrel Post and Rope with Ice Stuffed Prey Dummy Pursuit Ball Rainbow TroutDLC Rubber Toy Small Toy Ball Sockeye SalmonDLC Squeaky ToyAfrica icon.png TambaquiDLC Yellowfish TunaMarine icon.png

Animal Shelters

Cubbing Den Desert Cave ShelterArabian icon.png Large Concrete Shelter Large Rock Cave Large Snow Cave Raised Sleeping Platform Small Concrete Shelter Small Rock Cave Small Snow Cave Small Wooden Shelter

Zoopedia Entry

Asiatic black bear is the common name for a medium-sized bear of Asia, also called the moon, collared, Himalayan, or Japanese black bear. It has a black, shaggy coat and a white, or sometimes brownish, V on its chest. It ranges widely over mountain ranges in Asia from Japan to Pakistan.
Females weigh about 50 to 125 kg (about 110 to 275 lb); males weigh about 100 to 200 kg (about 200 to 400 lb). Asiatic black bears have five long, thick, curved front claws on each foot for climbing trees and digging. The animals are nocturnal, sleeping by day in hollow trees or caves. They feed on succulent vegetation, berries, nuts, and insects. They breed from May to June. The females give birth to usually two cubs and skip at least two years between litters.
The Asiatic black bear is adapted best to forests. Although they are still abundant in Japan, the bears are losing habitat rapidly due to logging and agriculture. Like other Asiatic bears, the species is also threatened by increased hunting. The Asiatic black bear is considered aggressive and dangerous in close encounters, and, because of this reputation and its wide range, conservation of the species has been given insufficient attention. The ecology and biology of the bears are still poorly understood, and management is inadequate throughout their range.

Fun Facts

  • The Asiatic black bear has a distinctive v-shaped patch of cream-colored fur on its chest.
  • The Asiatic black bear can be distinguished from other bear species by its very large ears.
  • The Asiatic black bear is also known as the Tibetan black bear and the moon bear.