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Coastal (id: coastal) is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania. The biome is used in the official game for extant animals and foliage from oceans worldwide, North America, Asia and Antarctica. User-made additions include extant animals from Oceania and cryptid animals from Africa.

Exhibit Animals (seven official + 13 user-made)

Ambient Animals (eight official + three user-made)

Foliage Animals (two official + three user-made)

Enrichment (five user-made)

Trees (four user-made)

Plants (three official + seven user-made)

Rocks (three official + six user-made)

Zoopedia Entry

The coastal biome, also known as the intertidal zone, is the area where the ocean meets the shore. It is sometimes submerged under the water and sometimes exposed to open air. Animals and plants in this biome must be able to adapt to both the water and the open air.
In the land areas where the highest tides reach, only a few algae and mollusk species exist. In these areas, though, there is a diverse array of these algae and small animals, such as herbivorous snails, crabs, sea stars, and tiny fishes. At the bottom of the coastal biome, which is only exposed during the lowest tides, there are many invertebrates, fishes, and seaweed. All of these species must adapt to the constant volatility of moving sands. In the rocky cliff areas along coasts, which also qualify as coastal biomes, there are fewer life forms to support, and those species have a more consistent habitat.