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Montane Forest (id: zbiome12) is a user-made biome for Zoo Tycoon 2, released in 2009 and developed by Penguinman and ShenTirag. The biome is used for official extant animals and foliage from South America (originally Temperate Forest) and Africa (originally Tropical Rainforest). User-made additions include extant animals from Oceania.

Exhibit Animals (two official + eight user-made)

Enrichment (two user-made)

Trees (eight user-made)

Plants (one official + six user-made)

Rocks (four user-made)

Zoopedia Entry

Montane forests are a type of tropical moist forest that exist at higher elevations. In some regions this can cause the formation of a cloud forest, but in most a standard montane forest setting occurs. These forests often have many epiphytes which are plants that can grow without roots because it can get moisture and nutrients from the air.