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Tundra (id: tundra) is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2. The biome is used in the official game for extant animals from North America, Asia, Europe, Antarctica and oceans worldwide, most prominently the Arctic and Southern oceans, extinct animals from Pleistocene and Holocene North America, Pliocene and Pleistocene Europe and Pliocene and Pleistocene Asia, and fictional animals from Madagascar. User-made additions include extinct animals from Holocene Europe and Holocene Asia and cryptid animals from North America.

Exhibit Animals (11 official + 11 user-made)

Ambient Animals (three official + three user-made)

Foliage Animals (one user-made)

Enrichment (one official)

Scenery (one official)

Trees (eight user-made)

Plants (five official + three user-made)

Rocks (three official)

Zoopedia Entry

Tundra refers to the arctic plains encompassing most of the earth's terrain north of the coniferous forest belt, dominated by sedge, heath, willow, moss, and lichen. Similar plains, called alpine tundra, occur above the timberline in the high mountains of the world.
The Antarctic region has a few areas of tundra as well. Tundra climate is characterized by harsh winters, low average temperatures, little snow or rainfall, and a short summer season.
The arctic tundra, in particular, is influenced by permafrost, a layer of permanently frozen subsoil in the ground. The surface soil, which tends to be rocky, thaws in summer to varying depths. The combination of frozen ground and flat terrain on the tundra impedes the drainage of water. Held at the surface or saturating the upper layer of soil, the water forms ponds and bogs that provide moisture for plants, thereby counteracting the low precipitation.